Blair 2 – Tony, The Papal Emmissary.

What have we learned recently about Tony Blair? Well, that he’s a c ….; yes but we’ve always known he’s one of those, I was going to say that he’s a Catholic. A very recent recruit to the Catholic Church in fact. So as most Catholics are still practising after half a lifetime we have a right to expect Tone would have spent a bit more time learning the ropes before he starts lecturing more experienced Catholics on how to be good members of their religion.

Ah but Tony Blair is no ordinary mortal, he is a one man insurgency, an agent of the Dark Lords of globalisation whose job is to work insidiously to subjugate our free will, inhibit our ability to think and act of our own volition and to control our thought processes.

Since he somewhat fell from grace in the wake of the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan the festering gobshite has been working to convince us he is really one of the good guys and is on our side and not the kind of two faced, self adoring scum – sucker who would betray his people and his nation for a smidgin of personal glory. His latest ruse in furtherance of that aim is to blether on ad nauseum about his love affair with The Vatican.

“Catholics,” he told an audience of Catholics, “should not allow aggressive secularism to gain traction in the west but should stand up for justice and solidarity.”

This may sound a bit hypocritical coming from a man whose government created a debt fuelled boom by encouraging people to get in over their heads so they could enjoy cheap facsimiles of the lifestyles Blair’s billionaire buddies habitually enjoy. But if anybody was feeling a tad embarrassed there was more on the way.

“The role of faith,” continued Tone, “is to represent God’s truth, not limited by human frailty.”

Well he should know about human frailty having himself been addicted to wealth, fame and power.

The former Prime Minister also reminded his congregation on the poor Mediterranean island of Sardinia where he had a stopover while holidaying on the five decked luxury yacht of software billionaire and Bilderberger Larry Ellison, that their religion requires of them humility (sic), compassion, charity and a rejection of wealth and materialism.

If people can comply with these requirements, Blair said, they will be granted knowledge that passes all understanding.

Blair has certainly been granted arrogance and vanity that passes all understanding but does he really think people are too stupid to work our what he is really saying, that people should forego the benefits of living in an advanced society and give up all their money because his billionaire buddies need much much more. It costs plenty to keep a five decked luxury yacht on the ocean you know and the super rich elite deserve every penny they can steal from you.

Here’s an interesting post Obama’s Meaningless War As you read it, bear in mind the commenters on this blog who are singing Tony Blair’s praises for the good work he is doing in Afghanistan. These people either have PhDs in Stupid or are very very young because they seem oblivious to the fact that if the traitor and war criminal Blair had not agreed to support Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan, Bush would have hardly dared go in alone and the whole bloody (literally) mess would not have started. So rather than talking about what a wonderful dude Blair is for saying how we should all join hands and sing Kum-fucking-bya, thousands of Afghan men, women and children would not have died had that self serving piece of shit had shown the slightest trace of moral fibre.

People who come to this blog and post insuting comments should expect no mercy.


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43 thoughts on “Blair 2 – Tony, The Papal Emmissary.

  1. hahahaha the funniest thing about the whole post was you actually got a Blair himself to come on and post a link to his own petition (Because lets be frank, no one else in this country likes him enough to do it).


    • I see the petition talks of giving Blair a fair hearing at the inquiry. As we know the inquiry will be nothing but a whitewash and will conclude that nobody did anything wrong. Hardly a fair hearing, but then most of the evidence will not be allowed because of “national security issues.” I think Blair should be given a medieval trial by ordeal, you know the kind of thing. We throw him off the top of the Canary Wharf tower and if he survives he’s guilty and is executed. If he does not survive he dies without a stain on his character – but a bloody big one on the pavement in Canada Square. :))


  2. What makes me most angry about Tony Blair as a life long left of centre glass is half full kind of guy is that even putting aside the nightmare of Iraq ( and I know that is a truly ridiculous statement, but bear with me….) he had a chance to change this country for the better and blew it.

    And we will see his lack of courage on matters such as the voting system , the economy etc ontinue to hurt is for years and years to come…

    But as with little Johnny Major – he will be a very wealthy man, so will be fine.

    P.s. most rational people are brought up catholic and leave – not the other way round….


    • Most rational people are brouhght up Catholic and leave – yeah that’s what my wife said and she knows.

      I don’t think Blair really had a chance to change this country though, he worked for the big corporationslike Mr. Hope’n’change across the pond from whom the gilt and lustre are rapidly fading as we write.

      One of the many things Blair and Obama have in common of course is they have both been arrogant enough to believe their own publicity.


  3. Sir,
    have you thought that poor Tony might say and do all that what he says and does simply because he has angst for Cherrie, she would beat him daily if he does not obey her?

    Btw, what Blair and Obama have in common is the angst for Cherrie, respectively for Michelle. 🙂


  4. Hey Ian…
    Tony Blair is a person who did want to act and show active support. he is not sitting at home with chips and beer for just critizising others. you critizise…but do you do anything better? Leave him do his job and better search an other person to critizise. he does not deserve it.


      • “Leave him do his job” you say? Which job exactly?

        There, I fixed it for you. 😉

        He’s been tackling the climate problem (particularly in China), if you haven’t noticed. He’s helping Palestine to prepare their economy to statehood, he’s helping modernize Rwanda and Sierra Leone. He’s helping bring the faiths together, teaching and asking the most important questions.

        But obviously you haven’t noticed since the main stream media does not make a big deal out of it. You see, they villains and well, while the Taleban, Hizbollah, Hamas, Mugabe, Amadinejad et al. do propagate extremism or dictatorial rule or violence or what not, people in the west don’t really pay attention to them because they aren’t affected by them so people don’t hate them enough. Whilst Bush and Blair, we “KNOW” them quite so well, so they make a marketable villain for the media. And of course, most of those who can’t be bothered to search for the truth, just believe them and whatever spin they feed.

        When you can prove to me that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are indeed illegal, I’ll escort Bush and Blair to the Hague myself. But I must warn you that I have actually researched the legality of the war myself. (I used to be against it, btw.)


      • caela,
        As Justgrrl is French we must wonder why a someone would make fun of a foreign person’s minor grammatical errors. It’s as pathetic as whining about people in comment threads being unable to spell when their mistakes are obviously typing errors. Are you a troll or just a small minded bigot?

        Blair is doing fuck all except enrich himself while he tries to cling to a few shreds of power. The man is a national embarrassment. Every intelligent person hates him because he is a lying hypocrite. Furthermore he is a delusional psychotic who can convince himself a thing is true because he wants it to be true.

        You are not much of a researcher if you found the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are legal. The invasion of Afghanistan, possibly to bring Bin Laden to justice, possibly to bring about regime change is illegal on either count. The Bush / Blair axis of evil could only legitimately go in after Bin Laden had the Afghan government asked for help. They didn’t.

        If the invasion was to bring about regime change then it violated the United Nations charter in just about every way possible. Nations rights to self detertmination are guaranteed.

        Similarly with Iraq. An invasion to overthrow Saddam could never be legitimate. This is why the whole Weapons Of Mass desctruction fantasy was floated. Saddam never posed a threat to the west.

        So you haven’t actually researched the war have you. Why are you lying to us to try and big yourself up.

        Do you work for the propaganda department of The Illuminati World Domination Corp.


      • Some of us are French and some of us live even farther away from English-speaking lands.

        Know what you KNOW, Ian, don’t jump in all guns blazing, despite that finely-honed habit over Tony Blair.

        I will leave it up to Caela to inform you where SHE comes from, if she so desires.

        I’ve also made a similar post to Julie, as it happens.

        There you go – YOU inspired us!

        BTW, PURLEASE get your facts on the Afghanistan war right. It is a UN backed invasion – perfectly legal. As for Iraq – the jury’s still out. I KNOW what I think. And it’s clear what you think. But since you are wrong about Afghanistan, I don’t hold out much respect for your judgement on Iraq.


      • First, I’m asian. Not that it is of any relevance to this conversation.



      • I meant, what kind of a job exactly?, and not which one of his many pseudo-jobs people like you start enumerating like shooting with a water-pistol in a suburban kindergarten.

        Would you like a lolly?


      • Justgrrl,
        Yes I remember that sketch, one of my favourite Python sketches :))

        I see we have annoyed another gang of people who are angry that we don’t take them as seriously as they take themselves. It’s always fun when such people join a thread.


    • What have I ever done for Afghanistan Julie. I have left the Afghans alone to order their lives and their nation as they see fit. I may not like some of their customs and traditions but that does not give me the right to interfere.

      Whenever we in the west try to impose our values and system of governance on “backward” nations the outcome is always catastrophic so we should just learn to mind our own business.

      You say I am weak, but how is resisting sentimental urges to interfere in things that don’t concern me weak. And how is supporting the bombing of primitive herdsmen who live in mud huts strong? Are you suggesting I am weak because I refuse to support murder and genocide? You have a very warped set of values. But we knew that because you think a proven liar and hypocrite is a good man.


    • Still pushing that bogus interview with the Afghan family that speaks for all Afghans. Funny, a lot of the people there want the west to leave because under the Taliban there was some kind of order at least. The American supported puppet government is so corrupt law and order no longer exists and the country is run by gangsters.

      A lot like America come to think of it.


      • Ian,

        I hope you don’t mind that I don’t feel like being funny or satirical, hence we are talking about a serious topic here. Well, your taste, my taste. No more on that.
        “I have left the Afghans alone to order their lives and their nation as they see fit.”
        Wrong, you haven’t left the Afghan people alone, you have let them down. You have looked away. And you are accusing me of “a very warped set of values”. Dito.
        As I understand from your comments, you have read the interview with the Afghan family. You are claiming its “funny, a lot of the people there want the west to leave because under the Taliban there was some kind of order at least.”
        You are so so sooo wrong .Twice.
        There are people in Afghanistan who want our troops to leave but the majority of people are thankful for our help. They are just afraid to speak out. It’s the same as with the Stasi in Eastern German, as the Afghan woman in the interview mentioned.
        Secondly, there was no order before the Taliban. The Taliban has destroyed the order when it toppled the king. It shows your ignorance of the Afghan history. The system under the Taliban consisted of oppression, killing and inhumanity.
        And you are accusing us of “Zionist propaganda” and “corporate fascism”. Take a look in the mirror!


      • Julie,
        Although I know I’m wasting my time I will give you a history lesson. If you are intelligent enough to take it on board you will understand that what you call “looking away” is in fact respecting the independence of Afghanistan’s tribal societies.

        First yoiu say the Taliban deposed the King. Um, Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan was deposed by a Marxist coup in 1974. The taliban only came into existence when the Rusian occupation ended.

        Going further back into history, Britain has three times before gone to war in Afghanistan to impose western values on thet backward country. Three times we have been beaten incurring enormous costs and heavy loss of life.

        So you accuse me of letting Afghans down rather than supporting unwelcome interference in their affairs. Have you ever encountered the phrase “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat its errors.

        You again mention the weoman in the interview. As has been reealed the family were rewarded for that interview thus their credibility is somewhsat suspect. Reliable (i.e. not American, not Israeli) sources are of the view that most Afghans would be happy to see the end of the occupation.

        Your arguments are naive and sentimental. You tell me if I want to se a Zionist Ishould look in the mirror. Appearances can be deceptive. I have ancestors from India but I am not jewish, neither am I a fascist. It was not me who invaded your thread mob handed and tried to shout down differing opinions and if I posted a nude photo you would know I’m not Jewish 😉


  5. Blair Supporter,
    So by letting slip you and your firiends are a gang who collaborate because you are obviously paid to try to defend your paymasters’ reputation (by The Illuminati?) you rob yourselves of all credibility – not that anyone who thinks Blair is a good guy ever had much credibility anyway.

    So the Afghan War is a UN backed mission? Once again you display a Blair like contempt for truth. Try this:

    Breaking the Silence, the latest documentary by veteran journalist John Pilger, is an important exposure of the lies and falsifications used to justify the Bush administration’s global “war against terror” and its illegal attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. READ FULL STORY

    or this:

    The United States today braked its drive for the Security Council to permit U.N. members to use military action in enforcing the world body’s sanctions against Iraq. READ FULL STORY

    Lies and falsifications. Blair’s stock in trade.

    After encountering strong resentment among smaller countries over alleged big-power pressure, the United States, Britain and France backed away from their original timetable of getting a resolution on military action through the council today.

    And in thousands upon thousands of web pages the story is the same, lies, misrepresentations, threats and economic blackmail were shamelessly employed to railroad a favourable resolution through the UN.

    Eventually the UN was coerced into giving backing and sending a peace keeping force but only to prevent the Bush / Blair axis of evil embarking on a genocidal war.

    Every lie you bring to Boggart Blog will be countered with a truth that shows what a truly despicable individual Tony Blair really is. BTW your intervention is not welcome here, this is a comedy blog. Ridiculing Blair’s hypocrisy (as in the original piece) is funny, defending that lying hypocrite isn’t. If you can come back with a funny and satirical comment I’ll let it stand. If you are just going to try to use my blog for more Zionist propaganda I’ll delete you. Fair Warning.

    BTW Boggart Blog does not really beieve in The Illuminati. We do believde in corporate fascism though. If you know what I mean 🙂


  6. For all you Blair fans who have been offended by Ian’s posts and comments, I would never trust anybody who insists on writing some words in capital letters.
    Makes you look like you read the downmarket tabloids.


      • Again you are off target. I always use all caps when I truncate a comment because it is irrelevant (as your are) off topic (as yours are) and not in any way interesting. It just sort of gives people a clue there has been owner intervention.

        Keep trying.


      • sally,
        Like all the stupid juvenile politically correct twats that visit the blog from time to time they don’t realise we’re taking the piss.

        Still they linked back to our site from a blog they post on and gave us a bumper days for hits. They can insult me all they want so long as they give us links. Silly twats.


  7. “Delete me”?

    Oh, my heart weeps ….

    Before I am forever sent off to the land where only Blairites frolic happily –

    John Pilger?


    Yes, it is a comic site, on that you’re right.


    • Yes we are right, its a comic site. We spell thsat out very clearly right at the top of the page. Who apart from all your other problems you canniot read either, you right wing moron.

      John Pilger. Nazi’s and Zionists hate him don’t they. Strange bedfellows but there we go.


  8. Ian,

    No-one is paying ME or as far as I know any of the others who have commented here in support of Tony Blair. No-one either is feeding ME with information or P.R. I know you won’t believe me, but that’s your choice.

    My (erstwhile) policial allegiances are definitely NOT to the right – but you won’t believe that either. I presently see NO political party I could support. No leadership in any of the main parties. And I could never support an anti-EU party or the obnoxious racists in the BNP. So I am voting Apathy next time, it would seem.

    John Pilger is a joke, imho.

    Your readers may want to check out Caela’s site. She described herself here as Asian and you retorted that “no-one is Asian”.

    What? Aren’t you caucasian?

    Or perhaps you’d rather we all just “shut up”?


  9. ooooOOOOHHHH!

    We have got some immature little egos in this thread haven’t we. Haven’t you and you buddies worked out I’m taking the piss yet.

    Oh no, you’re Blair fans and therefore not integgigent enough to work anything out.

    So you could neer support an anti EU party. And you say you are not fascist yet you support the federal European superstate – a dream of Hiltler, Mussolini, Franco and Oswald Mosley. You also tell us your politics are not of the right. Well Hitler’s party was called the National Socialists.


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