Keith Waterhouse

First today a tribute to the late Keith Waterhouse, an excellent and vastly underrated writer whose style in his novels, plays and satirical articles influenced both myself and fatsally. The with, style and constant high quality of his work ught to have gained him more recognition. Watrhouse’s regular twice weekly columns in the Daily Mirror and latterly The Daily Mail made it worth reading those newspaperspapers on the days he was published.

Now how about somebody at the BBC or ITV showing a bit of class by commissioning a four – part adaptation of Billy Liar.

2 thoughts on “Keith Waterhouse

  1. I’m afraid to say that because Keith W wrote in the Mail for the latter part of his career I missed out on his talents as I cannot bring myself to pick up that paper

    (it’s a medical condition – left hand will cut off right hand….that kind of thing )

    But I do remember his columns in the Mirror


  2. I wasn’t allowed to grow up with such a strong a aversion to newspaper. My Dad worked in the industry and was expected to look at everything to keep on top of what the opposition were doing. So I learned to have my favourite bits in all of them – except qualites which are just boring to a pre-pubescent boy. It’s an approach that has stayed with me, I’ll read anything.


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