Omnivore, Herbivore Or What?

This week has seen the Americans (god love them) coin the term Flexi-tarian. It means people who are mostly vegetarian but eat meat if they feel their body needs it, or to save embarrassment when at someone’s house for dinner who didn’t know you don’t eat meat. Its the new trend. And actually I probably fall into this category, but only because I can’t always be arsed to cook a meat-based meal…or maybe I am more a Lazy-tarian, eating veggie food because its often quick and satisfying and easier to prepare.

So, I’m not gonna have a pop at Flexitarians; or Vegetarians, or Vegans, or Pescetarians for that matter.

What bothers me is meat eaters. Meat eaters with wannabe veggie delusions. Meat eaters who love eating meat but will not let you discuss, even suggest, where that piece of steak actually came from, or that your roast chicken was last week wandering around with his chicken friends in a pen up the road.

‘Don’t say that, its cruel‘. ‘I love fish but I just can’t eat it if it comes with a head because it reminds me what it is’.

Its a sodding fish. What else could you pretend it is?

Some friends of mine have a “farm” shop near Barnsley. They largely rear pigs and then sell them as joints of pork, sausages and bacon. The particular breed escapes me, but they are reared out in the open and free to roam through trees and fields. And they roast really well and taste amazing. But I am considered cruel by some meat-eating friends because I can eat the pork after seeing the cute little piglets.

What’s worse about these meat-eaters, is that they NEVER think twice about ordering a steak, or even veal or foie gras in a restaurant.

‘I want to be a vegetarian, but I could never give up meat (or bacon/burgers/roast chicken).’ But you don’t want to know where the meat you eat comes from? You don’t want to know what your eating is 100% beef, or reared in the open air, or not fed on offal? You don’t want to know that Brand X sausages are made from 90% lips and arseholes, but Brand A are made from 90% pure pork mince? You can only eat fish if white, rectangular and covered in flourescent orange breadcrumbs?

Grow up. Either stick to some definite principles and give up meat altogether, or stop whingeing and accept that you eat animals.

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20 thoughts on “Omnivore, Herbivore Or What?

  1. I’m the opposite, I can’t eat something unless its still ‘animal’ shaped. I don’t like my food to have been messed with too much.
    My sister was a white meat vegetarian at one point, which was a funny as Flexitarian. She was a vegetarian but still ate chicken and fish. Mum used to make bolognase and tell her she’d made it with turkey mince at least twice a week. Don’t think she ever noticed.


  2. I had a vegetarian mate over for dinner a ways back. Meat was soooo disgusting! The smell! the taste1 Yukand double yuk! So we were having boulangere potatoes.
    “These are delicious!” she cried. “Mine never turn out this good. They smell great, they taste great. Just like my Mum makes!
    What did you put in them?”
    “Just potatoes, onion, salt, pepper, milk and stock.”
    It was only after she’d gone that I realised I had used beef stock.!
    Sorry Arianna, never had the guts to tell you.


    • Off topic but not entirely, you know how paranoid Teri is about chicken, he has convinced herself that anything even slightly fowl – realted will prove deadly if it gets within a yard of her mouth. I’ve never had the heart to tell her the minestrone she so loves in Italian rastaurants is probably made with chicken stock.

      There’s a streak of cruelty runs through our family.


  3. In most GOOD italian resturants is cooked stock for a bit. You are definitly related, we like to insult each other openly, its not as funny if its done behind their backs. Love them REALLY.




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