Liberal Democrat Invisible Man vs Rebus

We learn from Septic Isle blog that 60% of British voters do not know who Nick Clegg Is. As the Lib Dems proclaim their conference a triumph this statistic must be a tad dfisheartening. But when 45% think Gordon Brown is the crumpled looking Scottish bloke who plays Rebus what chance does the Liberal Democrat leader have.

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20 thoughts on “Liberal Democrat Invisible Man vs Rebus

    • I’d supported The Greens for a few years then in the Euro – election their leaflet came round and it was all about “Say No To Racism.”

      And I thought, WTF? They’ve lost the plot. It isn’t a sentiment any reasonable person would disagree with but I think most people would assume The Greens are not in favour of racism. So added to their love of wind turbines which I made ai interesting discovery about a couple of weeks ago I have to be dubious about their ability to keep a good grip on reality.


      • Yeah, I think that was to nick the the anti- BNP votes because in the regions were Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons won their MEP seats for the BNP, they beat the greens by about 0.5% in the vote. If they do it again in the general election that would be silly.

        I think you have hit it on the head with the wind turbines as it highlights their hyprocisy. They campaign and yell and get local communities to speak out against incinerators but then tell the same local communities to shut up when they object to wind farms.

        I heard that to replace the energy the UK uses from coal with wind farms, you need wind turbines in a line from london to rome, which pretty much show how useless they are


      • Wind Turbines from London to Rome ? Well I guess the wind would always be blowing somewhere between London and Rome.

        The answer to sustainable energy is tides, waves and marine currents. New nukes will be a necessaey stopgap because efficient wave and current generators are not sufficiently developed yet.




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