Blogosphere Gobsmacked At Obama Peace Prize

Just about everybody in the blogosphere is as gobsmacked as Boggart Blog at Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize especially as nominations closed only nine days after his inauguration as President.

The word “fix” may spring to mind.

It would be unworthy of me to remind readers that on his first day in office Barack Obama was signing orders for airstrikes on civilian targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan which means be took eveven months less than George W Bush to become a murderer and war criminal.

So I won’t mention it.

Slugger O’Toole

So Where Has Obama Brought Peace To

Nobel Peace Prize For Prez Dude

The Daily Stirrer

Unfortunately on matters relating to reality Barry is not having such an easy ride: Obama’s Climate Change Bill

9 thoughts on “Blogosphere Gobsmacked At Obama Peace Prize

  1. I was thinking about this too- it is odd, although he did withdraw troops from Iraq, close Gutanamo Bay and at least pretend to try to help the Middle East, but I still dont get it- the actions would have been the same if John McCain won.

    But then I thought who should win it instead and I cant think of anyone

    Any suggestions?


    • Not seriously:
      Don Vito Berlusconi – everyone is too busy laughing at his antics to get into wars.

      How about Paddy Ashdown – it is long enough now since his time in the Balkans for us to se he did some lasting good.


  2. London is dead 85, I guess you’re in the UK, and possibly you guys are not getting correct information there, so from here in the USA…let me tell you.

    Gutanamo Bay is very much open with many, many untried prisoners being held there.

    There are still over 100,000 US Troops in Iraq.

    As far as the Middle East, yeah, pretending.

    Who should win it? There are millions of people working in third-world or war torn areas. Any one of them is more qualified.


    • Yeah good points, I didnt mean that he withdrew all the troops but the plan is in process, ditto Gutanamo bay will be closed eventually.

      I work in the environment and charity sector and know very well the vast effort and work that is done every hour by amazingly committed people in all areas of the world but I was wondering of a specific name who should win it.

      I do agree with you though, I do not believe he should have won at all (if anything my points were trying to highlight that he hasnt done much), my comment was more asking who should win specifically


  3. Like many others I guess, I have been racking my brains for a reason to offer the Nobel Peace Prize to the recently appointed President of the USA.

    The short answer is that there is none. On the other hand, if we exclude old Joe the lollipop man at the nearby crossing, I can think of nobody more deserving.

    Let’s face it. The Nobel Peace prize is simply one more bauble that is available to the Prominenti of our world.

    You and I dear reader know that, within our various areas of expertise, it is not always the best who are honoured but rather the best connected. We know who the good guys are but success in translating this knowledge into popular acclaim would carry the seeds of its own failure since they would not necessarily be incorruptible.

    President Obama has said that he will donate the cash prize to charity and for this I thank him. Any further adulatory comments on his Presidency must surely wait until he has done something useful and that need not necessarily be something peaceful.


    • Agreed. Unfortunately one of the great political mistakes of the past decade has been to allow Google a near monopoly of search business on the internet.

      And apart from their notion that documnts containing the same word have a contextual link, google also reward those posts that contain the most popular search words of the moment.

      Thus if we want to be read it is sometimes necessary to write a post on what everyone else is writing about even though it is not really worth comment.

      I get on my high horse about this because I was involved with the beginnings of the internet therefore I know how good it could have been and every day I have to observe how bad it is in so many ways.

      OK, got that off my chest. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.


  4. Please feel free to expound or expand on modern communications if it makes you feel better. My own knowledge of such things is akin to the bafflement that addressed me on looking at the knitting pages of my Mummy’s magazines. I do have a son who is an electronic engineer but we agree to inhabit our separate worlds.




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