ASDA Sat Nav Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

We love Sat Nav disaster stories at Boggart Blog so when we found a report of an ASDA delivery van driver showing a level of blind faith in science and technology that would do credit to any follower of a fanatical religious sect it was a must for our readers.

The unnamed driver , determined that he would obey, obey, obey the diktat of his Sat Nav steered his six foot wide van off road onto a public bridleway and ploughed on a considerable distance down the lane even though it is clearly only wide enough for walkers, cyclists and horses. We wonder if he would have stopped had his van not become wedged under overhanging branches.

Follow this link to see pictures of the ASDA van lost in the woods and read the full story.

Not Qualified To Press A Button
Sat Nav all at sea

Have A Nice Day – Or Maybe Not

Take one footballer, add one Sdat Nav, stir in one Porsche

16 thoughts on “ASDA Sat Nav Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

    • Yeah, you would think the guy might nitice as the drove along a muddy footpath flanked by trees that he had left the surfaced road some way behing.

      But there have been many such incidents where people are si intimidated by the technology they forget to use their senses.


  1. I prefer to find my own way with a map; much more interesting. One road out the place where I live eventually takes you very directly to the main road to Horsham, Gatwick etc. Great short cut except that it narrows to one way for a 200 hundred yard stretch. Since the advent of Satnav it’s become a lot more popular!


    • The thing is, with a map when you find yourself standing on the harbour wall you can say “oops, gone wrong somewhere,” and turn back. Sat Nav will keep on nagging until you continue straight on. Which is what happened a couple of years back to a guy who drove into the harbour at Tynemouth.


  2. A few years ago I was following a friend in convoy as we drove to a destination in Glasgow’s theatreland. He was equipped with SatNav but this ingenious device had not heard of one-way streets. I had local knowledge but no phone and traffic precluded my taking over the lead. So on we went in ever diminishing circles and the ultimate danger of disappearing up our own fundament.


    • I’m not familiar with Gasgow theatreland but my rule in Manchester or London is “get a cab.” City centre traffic systems are not car friendly.

      It’s rumoured there are people who have been trapped on Birmingham bullring for years.




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