You Wanna Show A Liddle Respect Or You get A Visit From Mr. Baseball Bat

This story came to light last week and it has troubled me, probably because as a teacher I have had parents say the same thing to me.

15 year old Daniel Walton was sent home from school because he refused to stand up when the Headmaster entered the classroom, and then he demonstrated his mastery of the profane when ordered out of the class.
Daniels father, unemployed Mr. Layabout Toerag supported his son’s actions, telling Daniel that people needed to earn his respect.

But what would earn Messrs Toerags’ respect?

Mr Harrison, the Headteacher, has obviously stayed on at school to complete his A Levels and then gone on to university to gain at the very least a Teaching degree. (Don’t take offence to that you B.Eds, I’m using this as a quantity thing not quality.)

If he chose to study for a none education degree then he must have taken a further degree to qualify as a teacher.

He has then worked his way up from being the new kid in the staff room to being a head teacher, presumably of a successful school, well you wouldn’t expect Mr. Layabout Toerag to send his son to anything less would you?

I should think that Mr. Harrison has never spent any time unemployed or claiming state benefits. We can rest assured that he can read and write and express himself clearly both verbally and in writing and I sincerely doubt that Toerag junior can do that, nor his father.

In all probability Mr. Harrison makes himself available to teachers, parents and children who would seek his advice and guidance.

He probably organises events for charity, as most schools do and could take the credit for raising money for good causes.

There are lots of other things about Mr. Harrison that we can’t surmise just from the fact that he is a headteacher. Perhaps he has a Masters degree or a Ph.D., many of the Headteachers I know have taken further degrees over the years.

Perhaps he was an Oxford Blue, or maybe an Olympian.
He might be a gifted musician, he could have been a talented footballer, perhaps he is a keen mountaineer and has scaled all the major European peaks, or maybe just a willing walker who has bagged all the Monroes.
He could have run a marathon in the fastest time for his age group or dressed as Daffy Duck.

Perhaps he has completed a Channel swim or rode a roller coaster for 24 hours non stop.

He could be a published poet, a member of his local council, a Samaritan. He could take in stray dogs for the RSPCA or dole out food in a city centre soup kitchen or give up his weekends to be a special constable.

Maybe he is a good husband and respected parent.

The point is the man is obviously successful, whatever it may be he has achieved things in his life, which is probably more than you can say for Mr. Layabout Toerag.

Yet Mr. Layabout Toerag thinks Mr. Harrison still needs to do something to earn Junior Toerag’s respect.

Well Mr. Harrison I should imagine this is the only thing that will earn the Toerags’ respect.

Shave your head, get a tattoo of the Engerland flag above your left nipple.

Scratch LOVE and HATE on the knuckles of your hands and then ink it in with good old indelible Quink.

Leave your wife, go down the pub and get absolutely bladdered, then pick up a baseball bat and go round to see Mr. T and son and beat seven bells of shit out of them.

I’m sure Mr. Layabout Toerag will then think you are a right diamond geezer and Junior Toerag will grovel at your feet forever more.

6 thoughts on “You Wanna Show A Liddle Respect Or You get A Visit From Mr. Baseball Bat

  1. On the other hand there was never, in the history of modern education a headmaster who did not respond to parents complaints about bullying by saying, “We operate a zero tolerance policy on bullying, there is no bullying in my school,” as outside the window of his study young Flashman Toerag has lashed Wimpy Wusskin to the playground railings and is lashing the school sway with a cat o nine tails. Flashers does not know its a cat o’nine tails of course because he can’t count to nine.


    • Yeah, like I said, that was a bit personal.
      Tell a kid off for sticking drawing pins into his current bullying target and he goes home and whines to Mum and Dad. They then come into school and tell the teacher off for telling the child off.
      It usually involves phrases such as: “you’re always picking on him/her”, “you can tell you haven’t got kids”, “it was only a bit of fun”, “I’m going to report you to the governors”, “if you want him/her to behave you will have to earn his/her respect”.
      At which point you feel like saying “Oh just fuck off you dreadful little person and take your fuckwit imbecile with you”, but you’re not allowed to.


  2. When we moved up from Shrewsbury (you were too young to remember) from being that rather vulgar little boy from “the north” I suddenly became “the posh kid” and was in a fight every day.

    Bastard headmaster branded me a trouble maker when all I was doing was discouraing people from gobbing on mt back, giing me chinese burns and breaking small bones in my hands (and once nearly killing the school bully although he nearly killed me as well but obviously I was to blame because he was good at football).

    I’ve been anti authority ever since.




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