Tonguing Willie

What a headline!!! Worth 3 exclamation marks. Well every now and them we Boggart Bloggers like to show up the Tabloid headline writers for the rank amateurs they really are.

So as this story is not going to concern hot celebrity head action what is it about? you might well ask.

We hear on the rumourmill that raunchyish chick lit writer Kathy Lette (50) was booked to give out polos at a horsey event, sorry, I mean give out prizes at a polo match.

Because certain young Royals were taking part feminist Ms Lette was given advice on what would constitute appropriate behaviour. Not much point giving an Australiam advice on good manners some less kind than us may be thinking, but there we go.

Sure enough, the Princling won man of the match or divot of the day (a divot is a posh clod BTW.) Surprise surprise.

As Prince William stepped up to receive the prize Lette, little Aussie minx that she is, said “I’m told I have to kiss you, d’you want the tongue?”

“Later maybe,” the Prince shot back. Which proves he isn’t writing his own scripts these days.

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