Playing Politics With The Dear Old Queen

The Queen’s Speech by convention, wile setting out the government’s programme is not about party politics nor is it supposed to be about a failing government shafting the opposition that will soon replace them by making it impossible for the new lot to deal with certain long standing problems.

In The Queen’s Speech yesterday the government announced plans to bring in laws that bind the next government to certain targets in reducing child poverty, getting government spending under control and cutting the deficit, providing home care for many elderly people who cannot cope alone, legally obliging the education ministry to raise standards in schools (although Labour have always denied they have dumbed down school standards) and doing something about climate change, avian swine flu, Jedward, unemployment, feeding the world, abolishing disease and being nice to small furry animals.

To the logically minded all this might seem valid as it would also commit Labour, should they win to doing these good and worthy things. Gordon Brown and his cunning cohorts hope people will be wrong footed into thinking that if Labour are prepared to legally commit themselves to these things they must be confident of their ability to achieve them.

The more suspicious minded types (your Boggart Bloggers for example) recognise this move as pure politics and an indication that Labour have given up any hope of winning the election and are working on making bombs to throw at the next government.

The Boggart Blog resident Bookie says get down to Ladbrokes, have a big bet on the Tories while bookies are still offering a price and cover yourselves with a small saver on a hung Parliament. With a non tryer in a three horse race you can’t lose.

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