Copenhagen Prostitutes And Global Warming

In an effort to project Copenhagen, this week hosting the climate changev summit, as the most politically correct city in the world the city’s mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent a message to all the city’s hotels and bars asking them not to in any way facilitate sex contracts between the 20,000 delegates atending the summit and the Danish capital’s sex workers.

As a protest against the bureaucratic innterference with their right to earn an honest living the whores, lap dancers and rent boys of Copenhagen have hit back by saying they will offer free hot sex to the delegates.

Call us dull witted if you like but we thought the idea of the s=ummit was to cool things down not raise the temperature.

Yet another instance of bureaucratic meddling achieving the opposite of what was attended?

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7 thoughts on “Copenhagen Prostitutes And Global Warming

    • Everey two years there is a big medical conference in Stockholm. All the hotel rooms in town are booked up over a year ahead. The year I was on a project there we could not get in our usual 4 star hotel. What about somewhere cheaper we asked?

      Not a chance, all the prostitutes in Scandinavia are in town for this, our local admin people told us.

      And these doctors and health experts and such will be discussing morality, aids, other stds, hep C etc. Pot, kettle.


    • Free sex is a bonus. Free beer would be a bribe. Actually what am I talking about, only nerdy scientists and boring politicians would have to pay for sex in Copenhagen. Same goes for Stockholm.




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