You Don’t Say!

Yet another science related story from your intrepid Boggartblog reporters.
It may seem we are concentrating on science at the moment, but quite honestly there isn’t much else to have a laugh about and once every Labour MP has let slip that the election is going to be in early May and Gordon has finally announced this on March 28th well we will be up and running politics, politics and bollocks.

So scientists at the university of Illinois in Chicago have discovered that the ability to listen to and recall convesations diminishes whilst driving.

You don’t say!

Researchers at Boggartblog have long held that the ability to drive diminishes whilst listening to and participating in conversation.

Never Mix Science And Politics

5 thoughts on “You Don’t Say!

    • I wonder if ones ability to listen to and recall conversations is impaired whilst having your fingernails pulled out or being waterboarded?
      Perhaps we can get some funding and try it out on some scientists:)


      • Judging by the way they whine when people challenge their bogus statistics I would guess you would not have to go near them with totrurer’s paraphernalia, they would fall into a dead faint if you just showed them pictures of a rack, a thumbscrew or an Iron Maiden album cover. :)) :)) :))


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