That’s That Then

From the first week in January last year the papers were full of how it could be Andy Murray’s year to win his first Grand Slam tennis tournament. There were pictures of him barechested and roaring, flexing his muscles or doing what appeared to be his Incredible Hulk impersonation on front and backpages of broadsheet and tabloid alike accompanied by millions of words of speculation hope and drivel.
He made it to the fourth round, which isn’t terrific considering he was in the top 10 players in the world at that point.
The press’s Murray fan club immediately showed it’s disappointment in the usual opprobium reserved especially for Britain’s over-hyped and hence fallen sportsmen.

The Australian Open started 10 days ago. You could follow the results in the papers if you bothered to get past the football, the rugby, the cricket and the build up to the Winter Olympics.
And Andy has been progressing well, getting through his early matches without dropping a set.
Until today that is.
Because yeaterday Andy defeated Rafa Nadal to earn a semi-final place.
So what greets me this morning?
Andy Murray on the front pages of at least half the published papers in England along with captions featuring words such as marauding, mauls and storms.
So that’s that then. Murray to go out in straight sets to the 6ft 8in Croatian Cilic.

3 thoughts on “That’s That Then

  1. You should email young Andy an ecouraging message that quotes the famours Barnsley centre – half Skinner Normanton.
    Skinner was five feet six and one day when due to face a team of fancy Dan’s from London was up against a shit hoy centre forward who was six feet three.

    When asked before the match how he would cope with his oppenents hight Skinner is reputed to have said, ” We’st see ‘ow much good six foot three does him when he’s flat on hios back and I’m stood on his chest.”

    Pity there is no shoulder charging in tennis.

    Actually I’m not sure but it might have ben another Barnsley defender of old, Frank Barson who said that. But Skinner Normanton has a better rhythm for comedy. :)) –

    Whatever Happened To Skinner Normanton an almost poetic tribute from Mike Parkinson which is worth reading for itself and as a piece of social history as well as proving I did not make up Skinner Normanton.


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