The End of The Affair

Gordon knew something was wrong, deep in his heart.
He had noticed that the public didn’t close their eyes anymore when he kissed their lips. (They had always done so for Tony)
There was no tenderness anymore in their fingertips – a worrying thought when those same fingertips would be weilding the pen in the voting booth in a very short time.

They weren’t even trying hard not to show it, so Gordon, Gordon he knew it. They’d lost that loving feeling, whoa that loving feeling , they’d lost that loving feeling, it was gone gone gone, whoa oh oh.

But life wouldn’t be worth living if he couldn’t have the public’s love and support. Leadership was his lifeblood. It was what he had been put on this earth for. He was the greatest statesman of his era. He was the one who had led the world out of the wilderness of recession and into the promised land of economic growth. Surely they couldn’t turn their back on him now. But it seemed that they had. What could he do?

He tried to tell them he would change.

But he’d told them that before and now they wouldn’t believe him.

He tried to tell them he would listen more, but he’d told them that before and now they wouldn’t believe him on that one either.

He tried to start being honest with them. Tell them what they needed to hear, not what he thought they wanted to hear, but he somehow lacked that sincerity that might have convinced them. He sounded shallow, fickle and, most damagingly, desperate.

There was only one thing left. He would stalk them. He would follow their every move, note their every whim and fancy and make sure he was there with a promise to fulfil their needs.

Reform of the expenses system?
Yes he would usher that in.
More open and transparent government?
He was the man to bring it to life.
Voting reform?
He was the one in favour of the alternative vote.
The need to cut spending?
He was sharpening the axe even now.

But when you fall out of love there is no going back.
In fact if your ex won’t leave you alone it is just possible you might turn round in the heat of the moment and tell him what a complete arsehole you think he is.

Roll on May 6th (Allegedly)

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