Climategate: Absence Of Evidence…

Carl Sagan is said to have coined the phrase “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Modern education is however fostering an extremely blinkered mindset in which evidence is being accorded much greater importance than it deserves. Show me any piece of evidence that “proves” an argument and I will show you how it could be faked.

This week the House Of Commons Science And Technology Committee has ben investigating claims that at the University Of East Anglia (formerly known as Ipswich Tech.) members of the Climate Research Unit destroyed data to hide their manipulation of the results of their research into Climate Change and make sure they obtained the answer their sponsors wanted.

Unsurprisingly although the Committee of Parliamentarians criticized the team for lack of openness they found there was “no evidence” of results being manipulated.

Well there wouldn’t be would there? The scientists had destroyed the data.

What was the point of this investigation

Secular Stupidity

5 thoughts on “Climategate: Absence Of Evidence…

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