Oh, Boy, Things Must Be BAD

D’you know what I really really hate about the modern world? I mean really really really hate?

It’s the way the media have turned into bloody oracles. Instead of telling you what has happened they tell you what is going to happen.

“Tomorrow Gordon Brown will announce…etc. etc.”

“David Cameron will tomorrow …und so weiter.”

“In a document to be unveiled tomorrow police will be … blah blah blah.”

“The findings of the (insert appropriate name here) enquiry, to be published tomorrow, will show that X was not responsible… yada yada yada.

Anyway that’s not the point of the post.
But the point of the post starts the same way.

From today’s Telegraph,

“Gordon Brown wil admit for the first time today that he made mistakes that contributed to the financial crisis.”

Well hell! All that posturing and blaming the Americans, we all remember the oft repeated litany that this was a global crisis that started in America.
This started in America.
The crisis started in America…. and so on until we were all heartily sick of it and practically begging on bended knee for Gordon the Terrible to at least shoulder some of the blame.

And now,ahem, with an election just 3 weeks away, for some reason best known to his advisors and spin doctors Gordo says Mea Culpa?

How stupid does he think we are?

8 thoughts on “Oh, Boy, Things Must Be BAD

  1. Effin’ ‘ell. A spate of major earthquakes around the world and now Gordon Brown admits he made a mistake.

    Now I’m crapping myself about 2012. I will be convinced its allover for humanity when I hear Vince Cable admit:
    a) He’s only human;
    b) He’s a bit of a smug twat to boot.


  2. They not only tell you what’s going to happen (AKA speculation when they don’t actually know), but also, after whatever it was has happened, endlessly debate angels on pinhead-type points that are even less interesting than the event itself (AKA opinion). NOT NEWS – so why have it on the b. news programmes?

    I was grateful not to have TV so we didn’t have to watch the “debate” last night, but had to turn off the radio this morning because they were drivelling on and on about who “won”. Pah to the lot of them, and roll on about 10th May when we may start having some real news again.


    • Have you heard a pile of volcanic dust is settling on the nation. That’s real news, especially if it buries politicians or at least irritates their throats so they can’t speak. 🙂


      • Indeed – I have blogged about it meself.

        There is quite a sulphurous whiff in the air here – I wondered if it was volcanic in origin – or it could be the general whiff of curruption from Westminster?


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