Credit Where It’s Due, Cameron Deserves A Pat On The Back

Now this blog, though we are often accused of being bitter and twisted little misanthropic boggarts has always believed in giving credit where it is due. We also believe pigs might one day fly and The Soup Dragon will take care of us all when the politicians have bankrupted the country.

It has also been said we have an anti – Labour bias. This is not true, Boggart Blog has always been eager to have a go at Lord Snooty And His Pals. The fact is Labour being the party in power are easier targts.

Today however we must give a well deserved pat on the back to Conservative Leader Dave (Mr. Shine) Cameron. Speaking at an election campaign press conference yesterday he revealed a hitherto unsuspected level of insight and perception.

“We have the momentum behind us,” he told his audience.

You certainly do Dave. Six months ago the Tories were polling around 45%, at the beginning of March it was down to about 38 – 40% and now they are registeing 32-33% in the polls. The momentum is truy behind you Dave and falling further back all the time.

Well spotted there Posh Boy.

When Change and Fairness Is Unfair To Everyone

but will Cameron be the voters’ favourite boy

8 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due, Cameron Deserves A Pat On The Back

  1. We have 3 candidates lining up to debate tonight:
    Gordon Brown: Son of the Kirkcaldy Manse.
    David Cameron: Son of Eton.
    Nick Clegg: Son of Westminster.

    Who cares? I’m voting SNP


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