Brown To Nurses "You’re All Bigots."

No, Gordon did not actually say that when addressing the Royal College Of Nursing conference this week. What he did was try ineptly to pay tribute to the profession and the work its members do.

After telling the RCN members they are all very very nice people and not in any way at all bigots unless they disagree with him or question his diktat about anything the Prime Miniter went on to praise the work done by nurses and mention the humanity, compassion and generosity of spirit shown by those in the profession.

“Everything the government has done, every penny of the billions of pounds invested in the NHS would have been worth it if just one life was saved,” Mr. Brown said before nutting a delegate who asked why, in view of all that money, there is still an acute shortage of nurses.

Hang on? Just look again at the phrasing of that statement. “Would have been worth it if one life had been saved.” Doesn’t that mean one life has not been saved? Well no bloody wonder because all the money the Labour government invested in the NHS has been spent on hiring managers, accountants and administrators or providing jollies for the aforementioned.

Even if Labour’s efforts had managed to keep one person alive at a cost of £££billions it would represent poor value for money. And what if that person had turned out to be the next Adolf Hitler, Uncle Joe Stalin, Idi Amin, Chairman Mao or Tony Blair?

Would it have been money well spent then?

12 thoughts on “Brown To Nurses "You’re All Bigots."

    • I was also the one and I’m worth every penny of the estinate £25grand or so it cost to keep me alive, but £billions would have been a waste of money. Even I’m not that good 😀


  1. Considering the NHS bumped off my dad in hospital this March after 8 months of serial medical incompetence… Brown’s words, as per usual, mean jack shit.
    The guy lives up to his name in many ways, but “arse wipe” springs to mind just presently – sorry and all that.


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