The Politics Of Fear And Panic

Defending Keynes

As opinion polls continue to be all over the place in their efforts to predict who will win the election we find politicians in the Labour, Consrrvative and Liberal Democrat increasingly resorting to fear and panic in their effort to win votes.

Boggart Blog was the first popular news site to draw you attention to the way the governments use fear and panic to divert people’ attention from what is really going on. We reported on fear and panic being spread by governments about alien clouds of mass destruction ,
beards of terror,
Biblical Plagues,
Swine Flu,

Bat Fever,
, Chavs and Volcanic Dust, indeed we have been at the forefront of the fight againt fear and panic.

In this election campaing it is Labour who are relying most on fear and panic. “Don’t vote Conservative ecause they will sell the NHS to Carphone Warehouse” Gordon Brown warns. “Don’t vote Lib Dem,” he says, “because they will gang up with the Tories and they’ll send posh people to your house to patronise you and if you complain they will send a man with a ginger beard to beat you round the head with a dwarf conifer.”

Don’t vote Labour because society is broken and they broke it, they will take away all your toys and civil liberties and implant computer chips in your brain so you can be controlled from an underground bunker near Droitwich, and don’t vote Lib Dem because they’re wusses and want PR and can’t be in my gang,” says David Cameron.

Don’t vote for either of them because they will spend all your money on guided missiles and firework displays and bailouts for bankers and have none left for public services,” say Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.

All any of them are really saying is “be more afraid of the others than you are of us.”

Meanwhile, the financial crisis causing the Eurozone to implode is nothing new, it is just the same crisis as the G20 leaders put a sticking plaster over last year. Now it has festered and we see it is not a little zit that can be cured by a dab of antseptic, it is an effing big tumour of toxic debt and is about to consume us all.

It’s too late for fear and panic. Just vote for the candidate who will defend your right to think for yourself.

The Politics Of Fear
Daily Stirrer Archive, March 2010
Paddington Terror Suspect
Death Of The Eurozone

2 thoughts on “The Politics Of Fear And Panic

  1. Come Friday morning there is going to be a shitload of Hell descending upon Britain. If there’s a hung parliament does Broon still keep no 10?


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