Permatan Pete Swings The Election For Tories

Throughout the past two months we have written much more about Labour than the Consevatives. There are several reasons for this; primarily the Conservative have managed to keep their No. 1 comedy turn Boris Johnson away from cameras and microphones. Also, as we have said before all Lord Snooty and His Pals had to do was keep their heads down and enjoy the slow motion train wreck that was the end time of Gordon Brown’s government.

Today, with les than 48 hours to go before polls open, Labour’s Ronseal Man, Peter “Permatanned Pete” Hain has totally vindicated our stance. Not long ago on Little Nicky Maxhiavelli we reported Permatan Pete was telling voters they must not vote Lib Dem as a vote for the Liberal Democrats was a vote for the conservatives.

Today however, with poll figures in marginal seats looking disastrous for Labour we hear, Hain is telling Labour voters they must vote Lib Dem.

So Lib Dem voters must vote Labour and Labour voters must vote Lib Dem? Surely that would put Labour in the Liberal Democrats traditional third place?

And these people want us to believe they are fit to govern us.

Meanwhile Ed Balls falls foul of Little Nicky Machiavelli

7 thoughts on “Permatan Pete Swings The Election For Tories

  1. Very stupid comment from Peter Hain and patronising to the electorate. I am pretty sure most voters will know what constituency they are in and weigh up these options of who to vote for. The Tories did well in making sure that only Dave Snooty speaks on behalf of the party, otherwise they would be screwed.

    The Manish Sood comments are equally unwelcome also for Labour. A man who was flown to Norfolk from his home in Leicester to pretty much be a token candidate in a seat he cant possibly win suddenly realises he might have to do some work if he ever wants to get votes. Decides to ditch campaigning and throws his toys out the pram and has been shouting off various anti-labour tirades for weeks before this story came out today.

    Poor form in everyway, his Mother who has been a Labour councillor for 30 years is apparently very angry with him. No cookies after dinner it seems


  2. In this instance we have a politician telling the truth ; i.e – that a natural centre left majority of voters in this country has the power to either split that vote or use it most efficiently

    No harm in that

    Peter Hain is also one of the few politicians with a genuine radical heritage to speak of.

    p.s George Osborne is the Tories no.1 vote loser / comedy turn – not Boris – and we’ve seen nothing of the man who would be chancellor in this campaign


    • You have a point – but it proves Hain is nothing but a two faced, self serving shit because only a few weks ago Hain was saying in no circumstances should people vote Lib Dem. Noe he is saying “Please vote Lib Dem, it might save my worthless, greedy, self serving, permatanned hide.

      And anyway he is still treating people as if they are too stupid to think for themselves and for that he deserves to get woodworm.

      I never said Boris was a vote loser. If he was he would not be London’s elected Mayor. As a comedy turn he is a class act however while Osborne is about as funny as watching lettuce go limp.


      • For what it is worth I find no problem in a politician being Labour and anti-Tory in that order

        It is a state of being that I inhabit every day

        Call me Dave was promising us austerity until it hurt two months ago – now he can fund all of his tax cuts and all these wonderful cancer drugs his posters tell us about through “efficiency”

        That is a two faced politician I am more worried about


  3. As I grew up in South Africa, ‘Permatan Pete’ is not one of my favourite people. However, it is not his ruination of our cricket pitches I consider, it is, at this time, his fickle nature. Time someone wrote about ‘Tangotan’ Tony, aka God’s 2 IC.


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