Drunk In Charge Of Your Feet

For the second time in just over a week blogger Dick Puddlecoat has scooped us on a story with brilliant comic potential and a very sinister side. Well done to Dick and here’s a link to his blog post

Drunk In Charge Of A Pair Of Legs

Like Dick I have been saying for many years that once the Politically Correct Thought Police had succeeded in criminalising cigarettes and tobacco they would start a campaign to have alcohol users made into social lepers too.

What better way to start than with random breath tests on pedestrians. But is it really a crime to stagger home from the pub on a Friday night drunkenly singing something like this?

Please don’t burn our shithouse down
Mother has promised to pay,
Father’s away cross the ocean blue,
Kate’s in the family way.
Tommy’s in prison serving six months,
yes time have been terrible hard.
So please don’t burn our shithouse down
or we’ll all have to shit in the yaaaaaaaaard.

And another great British Tradition will be lost forver to the dark forces of control freakery :))

More humour every day at Boggart Blog

4 thoughts on “Drunk In Charge Of Your Feet

  1. Great one. Nanny Britain thinking up new ideas again.

    Ian, I refer you to my latest post, and you being a man of letters, would appreciate your views.


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