The Radical Feminist In The Woodpile

Just a few short days ago and, it seemed, only minutes after nominations for the Labour Party leadership elections had opened, the “progressive left” as the neo Nazi wing of the party likes to style itself was throwing a hissy fit about all the candidates being straight, white and male.

Only one candidate had declared himself at that stage so while the Politically Correct Thought Police were speaking the truth it was, as is usual in their case, an irrational type of truth.

Thankfully for those of us who dreaded having the PCTP whining at us about the injustice of Britain not having a black lesbian Prime Minister, a Muslim Archbishop of Canterbury and a mincing screamer as our Queen, Diane Abbot has stepped up to the mark. Now Diane falls short of the PCTP ideal in several ways as she is neither lesbian nor disabled and she certainly has no learning difficulties but she is a woman and black.

That ought be enough to shut them right up you might think but no, now the PCTP are saying, “Yeah but, no but, yeah but …… she’s in love with Michael Portillo.

It may well turn out that the Labour hierarchy parachutes in a gay male candidate or even disqualifies one of the Millibands and several other candidates on the grounds that they aren’t diverse enough. It is sometimes necessary in the interests of fairness for members of the inner party to do things they know are unfair.*

Meanwhile the cynical among us detect evidence that there may be something else going on, dark forces at work as it were. We sniff the sulphurous scent of Peter Mandelson permeating the whole process. Thus we ask could the people behind Miss A’s candidacy be involved in a conspiracy to split the left wing vote thus smoothing the way of Blairite Virgil Tracy David Milliband to the leadership?

You read it here first.

*paraphrased from George Orwell’s 1984.

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7 thoughts on “The Radical Feminist In The Woodpile

      • Its supposed to be the approved technique with Mandy’s kind.

        And sort of on the same topicish, did you hear about the scientist who claims to have created life. Boggart Blog has dispatched a team of investigative journalists to dig out the real story and we have managed to recruit a bloke called Igor who used to be his lab assistant :>


  1. Personally, I’m not concerned about whether the bastards conning the living daylights out of us all, and disrespecting the concept of democracy are white/black/asian, male/female, straight/gay, cis/trans, able bodied/not able bodied etc


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