The First Grunts Of Summer

Once upon a time warmer weather was heralded by the call of the cuckoo.
In this high-tech modern era a new sound announces the coming of the summer season.
Yes it’s the grunts of the female tennis players reverberating around the living room.
I just caught a glimpse of Kunzetnova and Petrovic and the noise was deafening: “Nnnnnneeeeeh!” “Nnnnnaahh!” every bloody ball strike.
I tell you some enterprising record producer should get them signed up for a recording of Eric and Ernie’s ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT….altogether now

Nnnnneeeeh Nnnn Nnnn Nnnn Naaaah

For those of you too young to remember M&W’s backing went
Bum Ooh Ya Ta Ta Taa

Sexless ~In The City

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