World Cup: Fabio Says We Must Improve.

It’s make or break for England in the World Cup today folks. By 6 pm it could all be over and the pubs will be packed with fotball fans crying into their beer.

Senor Capello (he of the good old English name) says England must improve is we are to reach the last sixteen.

We say it is not just a question of improving, first we must pick the right players, i.e. those that can actually play at this level. Over to you Fab.

(In case you hadn’t guessed this is a cynical post aimed at boosting our traffic and so is utterly pointless but packed with keywords.)

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4 thoughts on “World Cup: Fabio Says We Must Improve.

  1. Well, England won by a slim margin but they are through! Rooney did not look happy with his mediocre performance and Capello, thinking the same way, took him off in the second half. Key words today: England-avoid- disgrace. I am pleased after the French debacle.


  2. We played well in spells, but overall still not great. The main plus point was having a winger in the team who can go past people and put in a decent cross – I bet Capello wishes he’d thought of it earlier. Also great to see Jole Cole finally get a chance – just a shame he was played out of position. It was also great to see Gerrard playing in his best position (even if he was chosen to play on the left); it seems he’s realised that the Lard-boy currently squatting in his position has no intention of reproducing his Chelsea form, and so took the captain’s decision to do it for him. Good job we have someone as good as Ashley Cole at left-back.


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