Hand Wringing Left and the Plight Of The Pensioners

As the handwringing continues over some of the cuts in public spending that “will force pensioners into poverty” is still the big talking point on left wing blogs that take themselves too seriously it continues to dominate our thoughts in the Boggart Blog office too.

My Brother in law, who at 70 is of pension age was up this morning for his once a month visit from the Grandiose Duchy of Cheshire. He does not travel by bus using his free travel pass of course, if he did so he would not be arriving home in time to set off for next months visit. No, he drives up a a very smart Ford Mondeo.

“Me get a bus?” he exclaimed in surprise when asked how the cuts would affect him as a pensioner. “Why would I want to rub shoulders with the kind of nutters who travel by bus in Chester, or here in Lancashire for that matter?”

He speaks the truth, who can forget Jasper Carrott’s immortal monologue on bus travel describing how the lone bus traveller is a magnet for the nutter with the carrier bag. Or even worse the one who smells of piss, probably because they have just come from the local swimming pool.

The fact is not all pensioners are on the bread line by a long chalk.

G20 Summit Divided On Deficit Reduction
The Can Make Us Live Longer But Can’t Stop Us Ageing

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5 thoughts on “Hand Wringing Left and the Plight Of The Pensioners

  1. Snobbish, not at all. You mentioned in another thread on fat kids how fat the distaff side of the great unwashed have become. It would then be totally infra – dig to find oneself squashed up against some fat sweaty slapper on the narrow seat of a bus. Don’t you think, old chap. 😀


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