New Political Leaders let us down.

As satirical bloggers we have been waiting for David Cameron to fall flat on his face. It’s disappointing then that he has emerged from the G20 conference of political leaders as the figure the world looks to for common sense responses to Barack Obama’s loonytoons economics.

How do I know this? I saw it in Guardian online so it must be true. And if The Guardian is praising a Consrervative we have to conclude the boy done good – well better thn England’s footballers at least.

Even more upsetting was the description in the same article of George Osborne as “looking increasingly authoritative. Where does that leave satirical bloggers?

Well we can always get infantile. I can never take George Osborne seriously because when I look at him the first thing I notice is the tip of his nose looks like a little arse.


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10 thoughts on “New Political Leaders let us down.

    • It’s an English thing.

      Do you have people north of the border who grow little arses on the end of their noses or it it related to Anglo Saxon genes only? The classic example of this syndrome was the actor Karl Malden of course.


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