What Goes around, Comes Around

Well, you have to admit there is a certain symmetry in life, even if you have to wait 44 years.

I thought it was quite ironic that England were denied a goal that clearly was over the line, (and yes the fans at the stadium were correct, the ref was a wanker… didn’t his mummy tell him it would make him go blind:)

However I’m sure some of the older German fans, who might have carried a bit of a grudge all these years after seeing Germany defeated by an England side inspired by a goal allowed that very definitely didn’t go over the line, had a nice little smirk to themselves.

What goes around, comes around as they say.

Fernando Alonso might do well to remember that one too.

Poor old Fernando was apopletic following Mark Webber’s spectacular example of Red Bull giving him wings, launching him over the back of the Lotus and flipping over before bouncing back onto its wheels and shunting into th tyre wall, thus causing the safety car to be deployed.

Lewis Hamilton encountered the safety car just as it was leaving the pit lane and decided to go for it, Fernando and team mate Massa duly tucked in behind it.

Ferrari complained and twenty minutes later Hamilton was handed a drive through penaly, but had built up such a gap that he maintained his second place.

Alonso complained, ” It’s a shame, not for us but for all the people who came here to watch a manipulated race. When you do the normal thing, which is respecting the rules, you finish ninth and the one who doesn’t respect them finishes second.”

Now then Fernando, just remind me how that sole victory in Malaysia in 2008 was brought about?

You were languishing down the field, you were called in for an unscheduled pit stop and what?

Two laps later your team-mate drove into a wall on the instructions of the team boss, bringing out the safety car and allowing you to leapfrog the rest of the field from your lowly 15th position and ultimately take the chequered flag.

Terrible to watch a manipulated race Fernando!

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