England Players Exhausted

Among the reasons being put forward for the England football team’s abysmal performance in the World Cup is exhaustion.

We have the longest season in the most competitive league in the world and more cup competitions too I read. After that eleven month grind the lads had hardly any time off before they had to join the international squad to prepare for South Africa. No wonder so many of them looked jaded.

Things were so bad we heard that although the FA had organised something to welcome them home the players were so debilitated by their efforts in South Africa they all turned down the invitation to the celebratory pig roast…
(if you are an overseas visitor and don’t get that, roasting is a term used for a gang bang in Britain.)

13 thoughts on “England Players Exhausted

  1. Good replies. One of the members of the German tean appeared on SKY today saying the England team had top players but there were too many ‘chiefs’ in the team and not enough “Indians.”

    He’s probably right but I think some of the players were distracted by all the pretty girls in the stadium and planning some extra-curricular activities.

    Whatever, they are a a crap team and South Korea (knocked out), led by Man Utd’s Park Chou chung (sic)
    would have run rings around them!


    • You may have point Rob but I think we have too many civil service footballers – they like picking up the wages but aren’t too keen on getting the job done.


  2. Talk about distracted! Ashley Cole sent out so many sex texts (some to strangers), which proves that it was all about his balls rather than the ball.


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