Solar Powered Plane To Start Commercial Service

Great news for fans of the planet, a solar powered plane has completed a 24 hour flight, flying through the night without comsuming a drop of fossil fuel.

The ultra light aircraft named The Zephyr, which can rise to incredible heights and travels faster than a tortoise is, according to its builders, an example of the future of commercial passenger air travel. Though the current version need a push from its pilot’s mates in order to build up enough speed for takeoff future versions will be propelled into the air from from a giant peashooter, the propellant force being provided by a Jeremy Clarkson driven Range Rover. Once airborne however the Zephyr lives up to its name by displaying its ability to fly in a stable and controlled manner in winds of up to 6 mph.

The best news for developers, technology firm Quinitic, is that the first commercial order has already been placed.

Ryanair have bought a fleet of 20.

4 thoughts on “Solar Powered Plane To Start Commercial Service

  1. Great News: The Zephyr is the answer.
    -Ryanair buys 20.
    -Ryanair bankrupt.

    Brilliant plane–someone forgot to tell them that the motorised glider was invented thirty years ago.

    Moral: You cannot bypass technology if it’s not ready and this piece of crap is not ready.


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