The Octopus Predictions And Snack Science

All the media has been making a big deal of the psychic Octopus who has been correctly calling resluts of games in the World Cup. Boggart Blog has, you may recall, over the past two years reported many instances of snack science being used to give the impression that animals are smarter than they are.

Mouse science is well known, the wee sleekit cow’ring timourous beasties will do anything for a morsel of chololate or a pork scratching, crocodiles have been taught to understand their keepers instructions if they are rewarded with a sausage related snack (everyone who was ever a child knows crocodiles live exclusively on sausages) and Pavlov’s Dogs will move mountains for a Pavlova.

We think then we are in a good position to reveal we susect foul play in the case of the psychic Octopus. When each lunch box loaded with a national flag is lowered into the water there is a snack attached to it. So far so good. But our CEO Jenny Greenteeth who is a water spirit reported from the Octpus Tank that while one box has an Octopus friendly snack attached, a bit of fish, a marine mollusc etc. the other has a lump of Ginster’s Pasty.

Discount the Octopus Factor then, I’m not making predictions but I’ll be wearing my Orage socks tomorrow.

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22 thoughts on “The Octopus Predictions And Snack Science

    • Well let’s be honest, we all knew Germany were going to beat England and Spain were going to be Germany (the Germans are nothing if not predictable) so anyone could have placed the snacks.

      I’ve nothing againnst Spain but I like the Dutch.


      • I am afraid Sir that the octopus knew exactly about your socks… Now… time for you to tell the truth… Admit you had no orange socks… 🙂 Or, you bought them probably too late (that is, after the octopus has spoken… )


      • My orange socks which I have owned for some time are in the washing machine today but as soon as I can I’ produce a picture of me wearing them.

        I seldom wear my orange socks as a pair of orange socks however. They were bought in a pack of five pairs of brightly coloured socks, red, blue, purple, lime and orange. As wearing matched socks is conformist my idea was to mix things up. So I had two pais of one red and one blue sock, two pairs of one purple and one lime sock and the orange stayed together.

        You have an interest in fashion so will understand that wearing one red and one blue sock or one purple and one lime is a witty and radical style statement but anyone wearing say, a red and an orange sock as a pair, or even worse a lime and an orange sock would just give the impression they are either colour blind or a retard.

        But wearing two orange socks as a pair is boring so mostly they get ignored.


      • I am ashamed that I even remotely doubted you possess orange socks, and I am sure you also had them on during the final… Obviously, the Octopus is a cheat in guessing socks colours ;)… still, the beast is quite good at guessing football game winners… 🙂

        btw, I like the idea of combining red with blue socks – very unconventional. *Ahem* combining red and orange would be too… Vivienne Westwood. 🙂


  1. Yes, my son has discovered the octopuses predilection for snacks. Now, if you put a nice snack in the England box, it will choose England. Bad luck. Ashley Cole is already in somebody’s bed in Birmingham!

    I’m wearing my orange too,Ian.


      • why ‘poor lass’? I find Ashley Cole isn’t that great or exciting that someone should be considered ‘poor lass’ because he isn’t in her bed. He could not even manage to play football in such a manner for England to win the World Cup… 🙂 (or at least reach the final…)


      • Justgrrl,
        Poor lass because while I’m sure she does not want the philancering Ashley back in her bed she does not have that option. Having contracted malaria while doing charity work in Tanzania she has been in intensive care for several days.

        For once I was not making cheap jokes … but if anything related to Ashley Cole’s inability to keep his trousers or the England team’s inability to play football occurs to me I’ll use it 🙂


      • Justgrrl,
        I head on the news she was taking the anti malaria tablets but they do have quite a high failure rate. Mosquitos do not fly only at night when Europeans are safe under their prophylactics.


    • The Dutch ought to be looking for a recipe for pigs trotters which they can adapt for human feet.
      Or maybe they might choose one of the many testicular recipes and relieve the manager of his cojones.

      Holland were appalling, Dick Dastardlyesque almost. Perhaps if they had concentrated on kicking the ball rather than their opponents’ shins and chests they might have done a bit better:)


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