The Raoul Moat Case: What It Says About Our Society

The manhunt for Raoul Moat reached its inevtiable conclusion to the great relief of most people as it mean there would be no “urgent newsflash” interruptions at vital moments in the World Cup final.

The analysis of how the criminal justice system could fail so comprehensively as to allow, on the recommendation of one psychiatrist, the release into society of a man who was obviously barking mad will go on for a long time.

Another aspect of the case that deserves some comment though is what it says about our society when, attracted by the prospect of a Clint Eastwood style bloodbath as the desperate loner engaged with armed police (oooo-oo-oo-oo-oooooooooh – oo – oo- oo) It seems hoardes of people who should have been obsessing about the World Cup took time out to follow the saturation television coverage on 24 hour news channels and by watching live, real time web feeds.

What is most frightening however, 97% of the people watching web feeds thought Raoul Moat had escaped from the Big Brother House.

7 thoughts on “The Raoul Moat Case: What It Says About Our Society

  1. Well done! I was hoping someone would do that.

    Not that Boggart Blog is the kind of publication that would ever stoop to getting cheap laughs from odd names of course


    • This Boggart was fast zizz, I proudly announced to my husband that the police had got the bugger cornered at 6.30am when I’d seen the newspapers only to be told that he’d shot himself in the wee small hours.
      Hubby tends to have his radio on most of the night, secure in the knowledge that he won’t disturb me as I sleep like a log.


      • Rob we were not on the ground, we were on the floor (under the table) as is our wont after the morning edition has gone to the presses.

        Teri woke me at about 6 to tell me Diana was dead. I haven’t forgiven her yet (neither Teri nor Diana.)


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