Swivel On That, Cheap Christian Loboutin Shoes

Oi Cheap Christian Loboutin Shoes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t mind a few spam comments with a meaninglesss text like “good blog” and a single link.

But masses of comments with over 50 links each is just taking the piss.

So I deleted you. Swivel on that.

Take your Ugg Boots and stick them so far up your …

10 thoughts on “Swivel On That, Cheap Christian Loboutin Shoes

  1. These people are so stupid they don’t even realise we get notified by email of their comments, and can generally delete them within a very short time, hopefully before Google has scraped them up.

    It’s a damn shame there’s no physical violence by reply option on the internet…


  2. Shame on you Ian. I read each and every link :).I did reply to one:
    Dear Christian,
    Please take your shabby, cheap, brothel creepers and piss off to another site. We are not Chinese and do not require repetition to take your point. I see you have pointy shoes too–wait until one gets you up the arse.
    Mohamed El Sayed


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