Growth: Government versus private sector

As Labour supporters lost in Limbo scream for more stimulus spending on government projects to get the economy back into “growth” I had to nick this cartoon:


Read the accompanying article about how the growth of the pubclic sector stifles private, for profit enerprise, the sort that generates tax revenue rather than recruiting more tax eaters. Burning Our Money – How Big Is The Government

8 thoughts on “Growth: Government versus private sector

  1. erm… that GOVT. man only needs bigger pants and a bigger shirt and then you don’t have to be ashamed of him any longer. 😉
    The Private man, on the other side, needs a lot of cake…


  2. My simple view of the situation is that when work is taken away from the public sector and handed to the private sector, then instead of a lot of people earning a decent salary, a situation arises where a handful of people earn a huge amount, whilst those employed by them earn peanuts. I don’t understand how it can be good for the economy that only a tiny minority have any spending power, whilst fewer and fewer people can barely afford basic cost of living expenses.
    The problem with this country, as I see it, is there are too many selfish ‘I’m alright Jacks’ amongst our population. As long as they are doing ok, they couldn’t give a toss about those on the breadline. I’m proud to say I do not count myself amongst these, both myself and my wife earn a decent living, and I would rather pay more tax to see normal public sector workers fairly renumerated, than my money going to make fat cats fatter, and normal people struggle.
    As I say, this is my simple view of the situation; I’m sure someone can provide lies, damn lies and statistics to disprove my argument.


    • But if we think of junior school heads and senior civil servants earning £250k a year than don’t we simply have a small minority in the public sector earning a fortune because they hit their targets while the mass earn peanuts because they haven’t even been told what their targets are.

      When I was a T&GWU staff section shop steward in a large factory I was always struck by the determination of the engineers and electricians to presereve their “differential” by frustrating the efforts of our shop floor guys to improve the lot of assembly workers, labourers, etc.

      It’s human nature I’m afraid. “My tribe, right or wrong”


      • Sadly you are right; too many people, even if they are doing well in life, are only satisfied if they are doing better than others.

        I agree also that some public sector workers, such as those you highlight, earn excessive amounts. I’m not entirely sure though that these types are going to be the main focus of government belt tightening.


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