Treasure In The Heart Of Every Man

A junior minister in the coalition government, Crispin Blunt, has been talking about prison reform. Now Mr. Blunt who if we read blunt in the sense of dull, lacking a sharp cutting edge is perhaps appropriately named (although Rupert Pharquhar – Twatty might be even more appropriate) is not one of those Conservatives who believe the best way to reduce the prison population and bring reoffending rates down to zero is to shoot anyone convicted of any crime more serious than farting in a lift. Oh no, a humanist is our Crispin. He believes all criminals are redeemable.

We know this because he said as much in a speech to the National Association For The Care And Resettlement Of Offenders.

Quoting Churchill, Crispin said:

“I have an unfaltering faith that there is treasure in the heart of every man, even the worst of criminals.”

We at Boggart Blog agree wholeheartedly with this.

Now all we need is a government with the balls to pass a law requiring the heart to be cut out of every convicted criminal and sliced open so we might collect the treasure.

What a great way to reduce the deficit.

Sleeping With Conservatives

5 thoughts on “Treasure In The Heart Of Every Man

  1. Ask the demoralised victims of psychotic criminals’ actions about the “treasure in their hearts”.

    So that’s where my gold sovereigns ended up – in that bilking little twat of a nephew’s ticker… maybe the “cut it open” philosophy has merit.


  2. I have personally been in a prison (Oops, I had better add, as an English lecturer). Some of those guys would slit your throat before you could utter “Our Father….” All lecturers wear a panic alarm and it is needed I assure you.I found very little treasure, I can assure you.

    Rest assured I am convinced that 90% of prisoners are not re-habilitation material. I’ll write about it sometime but I do not Support Clarke or Blunt on their proposals.


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