It’s Official! Apple iPad Owners Are Twats

A survery crried out among Apple iPad owners by Facebook (very reliable then) has shown that people who buy Apple iPad -readers / tablet computers / self esteem in a silver box gadgets tend to be intelligent but not as intelligent as they think they are / smug / elitist / condescending / emotionlly needy.

Twats in other words.

Apple techynology fans have dismissed the survey saying the organisers interpretation of the data was subjective. Boggart Blog say subjective it may be but only because people who are not obsessed with Apple gadgets can’t help but know Apple addicts are twats.

If you fancy a e-book reader but are not stupid, vain, status obsessed or a technically illiterate, publicity hungry celebrity learn about really good e-book readers that cost far less than the Apple iPad. Amazon Kindle and Sony e-reader head the list.

A guide to the best e book readers
iPad Will Not Rewrite The Book

7 thoughts on “It’s Official! Apple iPad Owners Are Twats

    • Well yes, it did almost take this week’s award for staring the effing obvious. Unfortunately D Milliban opened his gob to say Labour could be out of power for a long time.


      • One can only hope.

        I think I might be taking the week’s award for “Blogpost Most Likely To Whip Sun Readers into a Frenzy”, for the latest one.


    • Apparently once you’re an Apple addict you are hooked for life. Unless you enrol in an Apple Anonymous 12 step programme, hand over control of your life to a higher powers (i.e. someone who knows it does not make sense to pay twice as much for a gadget just because it has a ‘cool’ logo) and never look in the window of the Apple shop again.


  1. The Apple i-pad is a rich kid’s toy (yuppie toy?), that has few advantages over,say, the i-pod touch. It needs peripherals to do fancy tricks and is over-hyped and over-priced.

    Interestingly, I was reading a review in the Mail on 6 readers. Turns out the i-pad needs an Amazon Kindle app to convert it to a reader.
    (Ref.: Daily Mail, Monday 26 July, pg 28)


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