The UFO Files – Boggart Blogs Secret UFO Filed Revealed

I couldn’t think of much to do today so as the MoD released its annual batch of secret UFO files I thought we would reprise Boggart Blogs secret UFO investigations:

Life On Mars After rubbishing reports of UFOs and alien visitations for years scientists got very excited when they thought they had found water (ice) on the surface of Mars. This indicates that other planets in our solar system miht just be able to support life. Not as good as seeing a flying saucer in your back garden though is it?

Life On Mars ConspiracyThe American Military have long dreamed of putting a men on Mars, landing a manned space craft on the surface of the Red Planet. Martians are such stuff as dreams are made of but reality suggests that as with the moon landing all the astronauts would find is rocks. Unless there is a conspiracy of silence to keep us from finding our Mars is home to a race of three breasted alien nymphomaniacs and the military and political elite want to keep this to themselves…

Life On Mars – The TruthScientists have sighed, UFO spotters have uffed and theorists have theed about whether life could exist on Mars. In spite of numerous UFO sightings, alien encounters and serious but ultimately futile research we were no nearer to knowing the truth about life on mars. Until now. UFO investigator and whirling dervish Adrian Tantric Spoon tells all.

Turd Nine From Outer SpaceWhat are the mysterious turn shaped brown unidentified flying objects that have been filmed hovering over Southern England. Are they alien craft on a mission, giant intergalactic jobbies from monsters that live in black holes or are they a message, harbingers of doom?

The Return Of Turd Nine From Outer SpaceSci – Fi B movie classic Plan Nine From Outer Space, Edward D Wood’s masterpiece of incompetence has inspired many parodies. But has it also insired an alient race to vistit earth in their turd shaped space craft.

Did You See That?
Life On Mars
Scientists Find A Planet That May Support Life

5 thoughts on “The UFO Files – Boggart Blogs Secret UFO Filed Revealed

  1. With apologies to you Ian, a short scenario on the aliens from the Planet Faecicum:
    2IC Turd: Master Chief Turd, do you think they recognize us?
    MCT: No, they are familiar with our shape and will not harm us.
    2IC Turd: Will they bow down to our shape?
    MCT: I doubt it but they may squat.
    2IC Turd: What is our greatest threat, Master?
    MCT: They may flush us out of the universe.
    2ICT: Is that possible?

    Break away to ad on Toilet Duck.


    • Love it. But how did you get inside the space turd?

      Boggart Blog has only managed to see photos and video.

      You must have access to the infinite improbability drive featued in Hitch hikers Guide To The Galaxy.


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