Greenpeace In The Dark About Climate Change

This headline, spotted as I browsed the climate change news, was just irresistible:

Greenpeace needs ‘to bring in more than $700,000 a day just to keep the lights on’

And they’ve been telling us all to switch the lights off? Effing hypocrites.

The Futility Of Wind Farming

Our Creature Comforts Are Burning The Planet

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5 thoughts on “Greenpeace In The Dark About Climate Change

  1. chiefs of “Greens” are hypocrites… They say to us : Don’t take a car, and want that price of cars grow…

    But they continue to drive with bigs 4×4…

    ” Make what I say, but not what I make “…


    • Al Gore won a nobel peace prize for lecturing us on how to live a greener lifestyle. He has an enormous carbon footprint with his air conditioned mansions and his private jet.

      Barack Obama loves to talk about carbon taxes and green technology by he orders up a Boeing 747 to take him and Michelle from Washington to New York for a night at the Theatre.

      Until these people change their ways I will not be trading in my 2 litre car or turning down my heating.


      • I don’t change my life style… I save up only to manage to respect my budget.

        But the problem is considered by the highly-rated bad

        It is necessary to resolve the problem of the water, the construction of houses without carbon footprint, the implementation of the new energies, the construction outside flood-risk areas, solidity in the event of hurricanes…

        Instead of complaining at the end of the fossil fuels and the climate change…

        The leaders of the world are late of a war, as usual


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