Fight! In The Coalition! Fight!

Rumours of a split in the coalition continue to proliferate. Labour party figures and left leaning media people are frantically trying to cause a split between Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalitionists (as if Labour could do any better now than before they were thrown out)

The lefties are barking up the wrong tree as usual. Even as a rumour that former Lib Dem leader “Champagne” Charlie Kennedy was about to defect to Labour (did thy think offering him the leadership would tempt him?) was being dismissed we heard there is more substance in stories of a ferocious row developing between Chancellor George Osborne and benefits minister Iain Duncan Smith over cuts to the welfare budget.

Ferocious? A row between IDS and Osborne?

Can you imagine a feather duster and a powder puff having a fight?

NHS loony pfi spending

4 thoughts on “Fight! In The Coalition! Fight!

  1. Here’s a story I heard straight from the horse’s mouth. The horse was called Mr Pickles.Apparently Nick Clegg took the Deputy PM post because he couldn’t stand the smell of alcohol coming from Charlie during PMQ’s.

    Menzies was not scared off as he has no sense of smell.
    You can tick Charlie off your list right now.


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