Benny An The Archbubble

When Pope Benedict arrived in Edinburgh he was welcomed by The Queen and Prince Phillip better known as Phil the Greek.

What is said at such meeting, though probably of little consequence is by convention a closely guarded secret. Both Pope Benedict and Prince Phillip are known to be loose cannons however, children of an earlier, less politicallly correct era and prone to embarrassing slips of the tongue. The prospect was just too tempting for Boggart Blog so we sent off an undercover reporter to eavesdrop on the conversation. This is how it went:

Phil the Greek:
Welcome Pope Benedict, is it true you are a Catholic?

Pope Benedict:
Do bears shit in the woods?

Phil The Greek:
Did you know you and I used to me members of the same youth movement, a few years apart of course.

Pope Benedict:
I had heard but my advisers do not like me to talk of such things.

Phil The Greek:
Understood, but this is a royal residence, we can speak freely here. I’m glad you are sticking with the movement’s founding traditions and under your Papacy the Church will have nothing to do with Red Sea Pedestrians.

Pope Benedict:
Thank you my friend. In my turn I am glad to hear you have arranged for a withch to be burned while I am in Scotland. I look forward to it. A heretic would be better of course, The Wicker Man is one of my favourite films, but I suppose burning Presbyterians is difficut and requires too much paperwork these days.

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9 thoughts on “Benny An The Archbubble

    • I don’t undrstand how two tags got stuck in the text either Rob especially as the tags before and after came up in the tag bar as intended. Ah well, as a professional gambler I used to know often said, “These things happen from time to time.”


  1. My St Bernard (who had tuned in on the astral plane) concurs with your account apart from the bit ‘Do bears shit in the woods.;
    Apparently the correct reply was ‘Does the Pope shit in the woods.’ 😉


  2. I’m a big fan. Anyone who could flee his country of birth in a fruit box and then find himself trying to kill his brothers in law in the second world war is bound to have issues, but his rise to be Admiral of Sea Cadets in 1952 and heroic contribution to our national life ever since should not go unpraised. Asking Annabel Goldie if she wore tartan knickers yesterday was a gem.


    • As the Pope is rather small I’m surprised Phil did not mistake him for a slitty eyed little yellow bastard. After all they were against us in the war too.

      But like you and Mohmmed al Fayed I too am a fan of Phil. He gives us bloggers so much material


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