Did A Fart Change The World

Did a fart shape the development of western culture?

A story on te BBC’s environment science page today suggests that may have been the case.

In The Bible’s Book Of Exodus there is a story everyone knows of how Moses parted the water of the Red Sea so the Israelites could escape from Egypyt and the Pharoah’s army.

Most of us dismiss this as “just a story” by the time we grow up but an new expercise in mathematical modelling says it is feasible that an unusually strong burst of wind caused the waters to part.

Not being convinced I looked up a literal translation of the story from the ancient scriptures according to Mike Harding. It tells of the incident like this:

Moses stood on the beach and said “Thank God for beans, get ready to follow me lads and lasses”

Then he turned his back to the water, hoisted his kaftan, bent low and ripped off a stupendous shirt flapper causing the seas to open up for his people to cross.

You can see a video of how it happened at Wind Makes Red Sea Water Part bbc.co.uk/science-environment.

4 thoughts on “Did A Fart Change The World

  1. I’m not entirely convinced. I live an hour away from the Red Sea. The depth varies,of course, but the deepest parts can go down to a 1000m. Furthermore,why are they talking about the Nile Delta–I do not see the connection .


  2. One of the comments on the BBC facebook thread about this says that they are all talking about the wrong sea anyway – and the translation actually is the Reed Sea – a completely different bit of water.


  3. The geography of the Bible is very confused. For example where Moses had the Israelites wandering round the desert in circles for 40 years (Mount Horeb is now known to have been the site of a large Engyptian mining settlement at that time 🙂


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