Where’s Wally? Cooee I’m Over Here!

Our Stupid Criminal Of The Week award this week goes to Ryan Homsley of Oregon,who likes to carry our his robberies dressed as the cartoon character Waldo, from the Where’s Waldo cartoon.
In the UK we call this cartoon Where’s Wally.
The eponymous hero wears over large glasses and a stripy top and the object of the exercise is to try and find him on the page covered in a very busy drawing.
It can keep small children amused for hours, and that’s only working out how to turn over the pages.

Anyway Rory was arrested by the FBI in connection with a series of robberies when he posted a bank surveillance photo of himself as his profile picture on his Facebook page. along with the announcement, “I am now a bank robber.”

A piece of advice to all would be criminals out there.

Some things are best kept to yourself.

Facebook as important as the printing press? We think not.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Wally? Cooee I’m Over Here!

    • I am continually appalled by what members of the Facebook generation are prepared to reveal about themselves.

      I’m quite sure in most cases these people will eventually be mortified by the personal information they have placed in the public domain and that it will come back to bite them.


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