A Better Class Of Prime Minister

As I have nothing better to post today I’m going to pass on this quote from London councillor Nigel Fletcher commenting on Big Society Dave’s efforts at the EU Summit:

The Prime Minister says he “hit the phones” at EU summit yesterday. A nice change from the last Prime Minister, who used to hit people with phones.

Enjoy. It made me laugh.

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Papering Over The Cracks at G20

10 thoughts on “A Better Class Of Prime Minister

      • ok, I forgot about ‘gentleman’. Hold on, how comes he is one, or do you refer to the posh higher education institution he attended? – if so, gentlemen do not hit the kind of Berlusconi either (*ahem* one does not hit old frail people, you know…), so may be he (Dave) just wanted to show how fit he is and simply hit into the air with iron fists (altough throwing fists in the air isn’t too gentlemanly either). He could have simply said: I don’t like your phones, you should have the BT ones (it helps the British economy?)


  1. Scenario:
    Cameron on Hotline:
    ‘Can I speak to Angela please.”
    ‘Hello, Angela. Don’t take Eurosceptic too seriously.”
    ‘ Msieu, This is ze Pussy Cat club. Angela out on date. Shall I giv er ze message?’
    ‘Sorry, some mistake here.’
    ‘ Visit ze club any time, sir.’


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