Women Don’t Like Sex says Stephen Fry

What would that old queen know about it? you might well ask.

I can tell you for the past forty – five years I have ben conducting an empirical survey on this very thing and found that 76% of women tested do like sex, a further eight percent like sex so long as they are lubricated with Champagne in advance of the act and the rest don’t mind sex, it’s just men they don’t like.

Fry however seems to think women had no interest in sex from the fact that they do not go out seeking casual encounters in graveyards or on Hampstead Heath.

We have to wonder just what kind of freaky gays Fry associates with if they only have sex in graveyards of on Hampstead Heath. Have they never heard of Travel Lodge? I mean sex in a graveyard s OK in midsummer but by Halloween it’s getting decidedly chilly. On the other hand in a graveyard I suppos you yould not get the person in the next grave banging on the wall and shouting “Keep it quiet can’t you?”

Full story: Fry Angers Feminists

Told By An Idiot

10 thoughts on “Women Don’t Like Sex says Stephen Fry

  1. I think Victoria Wood already answered that very clearly a LONG time ago with her Ballad of Barry and Freda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZCIKjYDf1g – also known as Let’s Do It.

    Does he think Mildred from George and Mildred was atypical? ‘Cos from my observances it is more often than not the laydees who are being short-changed in that department than the blokes who would rather watch footy or do some light grouting.


    • Women and men like sex for different reasons and at different times of life. Without getting into hormones and things I think older ladies like to know they’re still attractive while men as they get older discover how gratifying DIY and analysing the football results can be.

      Stephen Fry was joking of course and as usual the Politically Correct Thought Police have over reacted.


  2. Fry is as camp as a pink tent. He says he gave up sex with boyfriends for ten years.I reckon it’s because he had not heard of KY jelly or his pecker was as vain as he was and he wouldn’t share. As Billy Connolly said:’Give me a fire-breathing hoor and I’ll shag it anywhere.’ Now there’s a man after my own heart.


  3. All generalisations are false.

    That is a little joke, much enjoyed by logicians, as it is itself a generalisation, and therefore, if it is true then it is false.

    And what a lot of generalisations we are seeing, suddenly.

    Stephen Fry announces something that he says is true about all women. So, has he knowledge of the thought processes of three billion women? Does any sensible person even think they all think exactly the same?

    Germaine Greer responds with stupid remarks that she says are true about all men, which she follows up with the impressively vain claim “Women have an idea in their heads which men can’t even begin to imagine…”. Does Germaine Greer know everything about what three billion men think? Does any sensible person even think they all think exactly the same?

    They should both be ashamed of themselves, for all sorts of reasons.


    • Perhaps Germaine meant to say “Women have an idea in their head men don’t even want to imagine.”

      Perversely it is the advocates of politically correct thinking who are most likely to use these wild generalisations in support of a very personal point of view.


      • Whatever she means, she should stop pretending to speak for all women.

        I’m still trying to erase a mental image I got while thinking about Greer and Fry…


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