Wikileaks Threatens Global Sanity

Reports from Washington say the US government have warned several nations that secret documents made available online by Wikileaks may contain revelations embarrassing to America’s allies.

The British media is working itself into a lather about a suggestion that the leaked documents may reveal what senior American politicians really think of the so called “special relationship” between their country and ours.

Meanwhile in the real world nobody gives a flying fuck as everybody who has any interest in world affairs and does not work in politics or the media knows every US President since World War 2 (except Dhimmi Carter maybe) thought of Britain as an insignificant piece of shit floating in the Atlantic off western Europe.

As Democratic Party Convention Moves From Drama To Farce More Leaks May Be Coming

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5 thoughts on “Wikileaks Threatens Global Sanity

  1. I would suggest that Wikileaks’ documents will be far more embarrassing to the Americans than the insignificant role Britain played.

    I support Julian Assange and his Wiki campaign (provided his documents are not old news), because they, as before,may reveal just how ruthless those Fucking Americans are at hiding hideous truths about Iraq et al. People forget that the Yanks are the sneakiest fuckers on earth and deserved to embarrassed. The old saying” These documents may endanger our troops in the field”, is old hat. The troops in the field are so bloody endangered it couldn’t get worse.

    As for Britain,Blair was part of the whole filthy mess but that was a case of the tail wagging the dog. I still believe that Bush, Rumsfeld and Blair are basically War criminals but Washington won’t give a three-legged Fuck!


    • Heartily agree with your views on America. Assange though is one of those stupd hippies who believe nobody is entitled to a private life and everything should be “shared” on the net.

      So maybe we should profit from the revelations but kill Assange before he gets round to revealing details of our bank accounts / love lives to the world.


  2. It probably isn’t possible for the Americans to be any more discredited over this whole shoddy mess than they already are. There’s nothing new here if you’re a reasonably cynical bastard like me. I spoke to an Iraqi woman yesterday; she told me many of her fellow countrymen now look back to Saddam’s regime as a better time for its citizens.

    The yanks have looked on us as an inferior partner since they came into world war two, hypocritically deriding us an ‘Empire’ while subsequently initiating economic imperialism and politically motivated regime changes throughout the world.

    We only recently finished paying off our wartime debt to them….everything has its price.


    • Our real special “relationship(s) should be with Canada, Australia and India if India will have us. It’s time we fillowed America’s example and did a bit of looking after number 1.


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