Shock Horror – FIFA Is Corrupt: Great Week For Non News Continues

I can’t be arsed, I really can’t be arsed writing a post about today’s big news, the revelation that officials of International Football’s governing body FIFA are on the take.

The news media will be telling us next the International Olympic Committee are a bunch of self important, grasping, self sevring crooks, that members of the Bliderberg Group are all power crazed, partanoid, rich bastards and that the United Nations is a useless talking shop for well connected imbeciles.

And if any news organisation dares to try try to tell me world leaders meeting in Cancun this week are only there for a pre – Christmas jolly at taxpayers’ expence because there was never the slightest chance they would achieve anything I will take the Boggart Blog for Journalistic Stating Of The Obvious and ram it so far up their collective arse they will choke on it.

And I’ll tell youse somethin’ else. If those Wiki leaks contain anything you did not already know you haven’t ben living on this planet have you?

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