Russia’ Wikileaks moment and England’s fury

Yesterday was a day of mixed fortunes for Russia according to news reports.

The latest Wikileaks … erm … leaks told us that corruption, extortion and violence have made Russia a mafia state. This is a totally unsubstantiated allegaton of course.

Then came the news of the expected FIFA stitch up decision. England’s contingent were furious when it was announced the 2018 World Cup would be held in Russia.

David Cameron refused to congratulate his Russian counterpart Vlad (The Impaler) Putin, David Beckham refused to pose for photographs and Prince William refused to eat his porridge until Nanny had given him a hug.

Many sports writers immediately suggested that the FIFA executive, already exposed as bung seekers, had been handsomely paid to arrive at their decision.

Boggart Blog can exclusively reveal this is not true. Russia (which is NOT a Mafia state, such allegations are completely unsubstantiated we were assured by a gentleman wearking an Astrakahn Fedora and carrying a violin case) presented gifts to FIFA officials which were well within the definition of “acceptable hospitality.”

Mr. Putin merely arranged for ever member of the FIFA panel to be sent a big dead fish.


Wikileaks: American President Gave Britain’s Secrets To Russia To Secure A Deal

Daily Telegraph Exclusive: The US secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent to persuade them to sign a key treaty, The Daily Telegraph can disclose…

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4 thoughts on “Russia’ Wikileaks moment and England’s fury

  1. Not a horse’s head then? Saw a documentary about how poor the infrastructure was in Russia to hold the cup.Poor rail services, transport networks, lack of suitable stadia etc. I feel qualified in using the atypical phrase for the losing team” We Wuz robbed.”


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