Scam Alert. Don’t fall for phoney free gifts.

Around this time of year scammers are always busy. One old scam that has made a comback this year is the phoney free gift.

I’ve see lots of groups and messages around the web promoting a Free Julian Assange. Steer clear, it’s a con. There’s no such thing as a free lunch and a free Julian Assange is even less likely.

I remember when there were hundreds of people walking around London advertising a fre Nelson Mandela. I never found out how to get one though, people just kept asking me to go to Trafalgar Square and meet a lot of other people. I think the Scientologists were behind it.

7 thoughts on “Scam Alert. Don’t fall for phoney free gifts.

  1. Thanks for that. I’ve just been stung. Somebody, via an American connection, got into my FaceBook account and sent out a message to everyone in my Directory saying I had an interesting video of them.
    Those people who know that I loathe Farce-Book considered this action extremely unlikely. There are some sick bastards out there.


  2. There was a time when my bank manager gave me a free diary every year. Now he just gives me his business card.

    The internet is a pain, I agree and Facebook a bloody intrusion.” You have twenty friends waiting for you on Facebook.” They’ll wait a bloody long time including my sister!

    Scams are everywhere: I once received a free one year subscription to Woodworker Magazine (you what?). I had to pay for the other four years. You know where they can stick their chisels!


    • My mate John (not his real name, he still has a job) was writing sabout the plight of bankers, well the private pensions scam really) for The Daily Stirrer today.

      He was a bank manager til they turned that into a glorified insurance salesman. Took early retirement and got a job in the Town Hall. Now he doesn’t even give people his business cards, just the finger 🙂


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