Normal, Fat Or Obese? 51% Of Parents Can’t Tell The Difference

A stunning headline in The Sun today, but not altogether surprising when you think about it.


According to a poll of 1,200 parents seriously overweight children are often regarded as just being a bit on the tubby side by their doting Mums and Dads.

Parents in the study were shown pictures of children at a normal weight, slightly overweight and obese and over half of the parents failed to identify the obese children, labelling them instead as “slightly overweight”.

Boggartblog went to interview one of the families involved in the research, The Lardarses and their daughter Cherryade, who at 10 years old weighs in at 10 and a half stone or round about 65 kilos.

BB. Mr and Mrs Lardarse, good afternooon. I’m from Boggartblog and I’m here to ask you some questions concerning your daughter’s weight.

Mrs L. There’s nuffink wrong with our Cherryade. She’s got a bit of puppyfat on ‘er it’s true, but she’ll soon grow out of that!

BB. According to the letter you have shown me from the NHS it seems Cherryade has a BMI of over 45.
The normal BMI is less than 25. Don’t you think that makes Cherryade very overweight?

Mr L. You buggers is all the same.
You come round ‘ere poking your noses into where they ain’t wanted, telling people how to run their lives an bring up their children.
I bet you ‘aven’t got kids ‘ave you?

BB. Well actually I have, but I’m not here to get into an argument…

Mrs L. Ha! A likely story.
You’re just as bad as all them busybody social workers wot keeps telling us little Cherryade is fat.

She ain’t fat, she’s got big bones. She ‘ardly eats a fing really.

‘Er teachers at school is always on at ‘er, tryin’ to get ‘er to do P.E., or go out in the playground for a walk at lunchtime, but she can’t do that cos she ain’t got the energy on account of she just don’t eat much.

BB. But don’t you think at 10 years old she shouldn’t really be wearing an adults Size 16 clothes?

Mr. L. She’s quite mature for ‘er age is our Cherryade. There’s nuffink wrong with wearing more sofisticated clothing.
She don’t like stupid little girl fings anymore. She’s out-grown that sort of fing.
Jus’ like she doesn’t like My Little Pony anymore. She wants to sit and watch Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City.
And she doesn’t eat Kids Meals anymore eever, she likes proper grown up food like KFC. Whopper burgers, large Coke and fries that’s ‘er favourite.
And yes we do spoil ‘er a little bit, but so does every parent, probably even the Anti-fat Nazi Social Workers wot is always coming around ‘ere threatening us wiv taking little Cherryade off of us cos we can’t look after ‘er proper.

I never ‘eard such a load of twaddle in all me born days.

Now they say she is obese. They say we is bad parents cos we don’t see that she is obese.

But I’ll tell you what, you must be an heducated person if you is a reporter, what exactly does obese mean?

BB Thank-you, Mr. and Mrs. Lardarse for talking to us this afternoon.
So as you can see the headline in The Sun should really have read
51% of parents don’t know what obese means.
It certainly makes more sense that way.

Council Puts Child, 5 In Care For Breing Obese

7 thoughts on “Normal, Fat Or Obese? 51% Of Parents Can’t Tell The Difference

    • Poor Mrs L. lost one of the little lardarses recently.

      Popped her on her lap when she’d finished breast-feeding and then couldn’t find the poor little thing in all the rolls of flab.

      Still she can only count to five so it doesn’t really matter:)


  1. Oh dear, and the problem is these little fat girls turn into big fat birds who,unnoticed, are an easy shag for layabouts, So Cherryade is preggers at 17 and Mrs Lardarse is delighted.


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