SHOCK HORROR! Cats more manipulative than previously thought.

In another instalment of our Utterly Gobsmacking Scientific Revelation Of The Week series be bring you an item from MSNBC that reports veterinary researchers have found cats are even more cynical and manipulative creatures than was previously thought.

Reseach in the USA proved that when cats are pissed off with their owners they will refuse to eat, mope around, throw up and shit in favourite shoes in order to guilt trip the humans who care for them.

So now you can understand why, in what became last year’s biggest news story, Wheelie Bin Lady was right to dump the cat in the wheelie bin when it tried sucking up to her so she would stroke it. She obviously had experience of being manipulated by one of these selfish creatures and so know the cat was only trying to humiliate its owner.

10 thoughts on “SHOCK HORROR! Cats more manipulative than previously thought.

  1. I have a cat which was found shitting on the pocket calculator my wife was looking for minutes before she went off to do her accountancy exams. She knew exactly what she was doing and what we were looking round the house for; we’d forgotten to feed the furry little darling her breakfast so she found the calculator and took her revenge.


  2. My dogs are worse than cats. One is a Cocker Spaniel who could out manipulate any cat with his domineering nature. He is sneaky, steals things and is quite adorable and loving. He is a Jeckyl and Hyde!


  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats but….you can see why superstitious people in the Middle Ages used to habitually kill them as the Devil’s accomplices. There is definitely something satanic in the eyes of some moggies.
    Take a look at my post “Dog Diary, Cat Diary” from 15th November. You’ll see what I mean.


  4. I could have told them this.
    Happily the catccrap in inappropriate places problem has ceased since my namesake shuffled off her mortal coil in October.
    Now the only problem is stopping them getting four breakfasts as each human gets up at a different time.
    One day I’ll be rich but it won’t be while I’ve got four cats:)


    • You could piss them off by putting up a notice tht reads “Cat breakfasts will only be served betwee 7 and 7:30.”

      Although I suppose the little buggers would only poretend they can’t read.


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