France Our Greatest Ally Says Obama.

The lead story in Today’s Daily Mail reports that Sidi Barack Hussein Obama has declared France his country’s greatest ally.

If there is any truth in that, given our experience of how America treasts its greatest allies you have to feel sorry for the French.

The New Most Dangerous Place On Earth – America

6 thoughts on “France Our Greatest Ally Says Obama.

  1. It’s well known by now that Obama has little love for us Brits. It is particularly galling because we were thrust into two unpopular wars to give credence to United States foreign policy. That sacrifice must taste bitter to British troops putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan for what is an essentially American war in response to the Twin Towers attacks.
    For all his intelligence and diplomacy, Monsieur Obama really needs to get his priorities right.


    • It’s understandable Obie hates Britain. If you’d read his book on black history you would know his ancestors were taken from their home in the socialist utopia of America and transported in chains across the ocean to work on British plantations in Kenya.

      Actually if you read Obama’s writing you would be very careful about including the word ‘intelligence’ in any sentence containing his name.


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