Squint Eyed Science and GM foods

There is a big debate going on this week about the need for GM foods. Or maybe not.

What has happened is the government, oviously phishing for party political donations from Agribusiness has asked its leading biologists to make the case that on genetic modification of food crops as on climate change ‘the science is settled.’

Only it isn’t.

And as usual the public have reacted with our usual indifference. “Oh well,” we say with a shrug, “scientists and politicians, nobody take any notice of anything they say.”

Here are a couple of articles, one by sciencyhead Tom Chivers and one by environmentalist Geoffery Lean which present two very different views of the need for GM crops. Neither claims eating GM foods will make you grow an extra head becausde it will not,OK. GM foods are perfectly safe but the economic benefits have been grossly overstated.

Well we know what happens when the government gets its tame scientists to gaze into the crystal ball, rast the runes and read the tealeaves. Their predictions are always horribly wrong.

You will understand why when you read this comment from one of the threads:

The governments Foresight unit is run by a man who was born with no eyelids.Doctors used his foreskin to make some, thinking it would improve his vision but it has only made him and his theories cockeyed.

Warmageddonists are always whining about hoW raised levels of CO2 in air will destroy human society. It is very well known however that most animal life can happily breathe much higher concentrations. Another fear is failure of food supplies. But others argue raising CO2 levels would nullify the case for another science sacred cow GM food crops. So whO is right?
Warmageddon: To Feed The Planet We Need More Carbon Dioxide

3 thoughts on “Squint Eyed Science and GM foods

  1. I,m reminded of starving Zimbabwe which was offered GM corn. They turned it down because the seed can’t be grown. But what about your people’s empty tummies Comrade?


    • That is the problem poor nations see with GM. Every year farmers have to buy their seed from Big Agri (Monsanto in particular) and it puts small nations under ever more under the corporate thumb.


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